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Aixois French Restaurant

Aixois French Restaurant in Brookside, Kansas City, MO is a small French Bistro in Brookside. Although it has an impressive website with many reviews, it is quite disappointing in reality. If you see all the reviews, you will see that there are mixed reviews. Aixois is not much of a restaurant but a wine bar. There are lots of noises and tables are close together with no table cloth, at least not for lunch.

Bread is hard and cold, not warm and soft. The service is pathetic. When you sit down, they might not give you plates or anything. It can be loud and hectic in there so if you are looking for a quiet lunch or dinner, the Aixois French Bistro is not the place to be. Below is information based on some of the bad reviews that we received about this French restaurant.

Is it a rip off, an overcharge, or a scam?

If you look at online menu, you will think that the prices of food are quite reasonable. In fact, many people go to eat at Aixois French Bistro because they think that they can get great food at affordable prices. However, we have received comments and complaints about Aixois French restaurant. Customers say that they overcharge them by tens of dollars. The prices on the menu are not the prices on your bills. So, if you decide to go there, make sure that you watch the prices on your bills carefully.

For example, if there are just two people eating and you are eating from the lunch menu, you will see that:

  • Escargots de Bourgogne 6/12 $5.50/$8.50

That means if you order 6 escargots, it should cost you $5.50 and if you order 12, it should cost you $8.50. This is not the case. Customers reported that they are charged $12 for 12 escargots. That's almost $4 more than the price on the menu! Overall, for all items, you can be overpaying by tens of dollars.

If you look at the menu and compare the prices to your bill, you will see that a dollar here and there are added to the prices. There are in addition to taxes and also gratuities.

Many customers report that they were overcharged in, not one, but all of the items they ordered. How much were they overcharged for? It is random for each customer. It seems that even when two customers order the exact same dish, they were charged different prices.

Some customers want to give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt so they assumed that the restaurant was using the prices from the dinner menu for lunch sometimes and that they overcharged because of genuine mistakes. However, when compared the prices they were charged against dinner prices, the dinner prices were less that what they were charged.

The restaurant seems to have policies when sharing but if two people are eating, both ordering appetizers and main courses, then you are still going to be overcharged here and there. Customers say that Aixios French restaurant probably hopes that customers will not notice and get away with ripping people off. So, if you decide to give this French restaurant a try, beware that you might not be paying what you think you are going to pay.

If you are not sure if you are overcharged or not, don't leave any tips, just in case you are overcharged. And, if you are not, you can always go back and tip more later on. Many customers left tips only to find out later that they had been ripped off by this French restaurant.