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Weltner Park

Weltner Park is a very small park in Prairie Village, Kansas, part of the Kansas City Metro Area. Weltner Park was formerly known as State Line Park. Below are pictures of Weltner Park in Prairie Village KS at 78th and State Line Road. There are Basketball courts, Sand volleyball courts, and Picnic tables at Weltner Park. If you are looking for a big park, you will be disappointed. This is a tiny little park where the courts and other park facilities are just off the street. If you just want to play basketball or sand volleyball, Weltner Park may be enough for you but if you want to relax, enjoy the sun and sit on grass, this is not the park for you.

Weltner Park

Picture of the sign of Weltner Park in Prairie Village KS.

Weltner Park or State Line Park

Basketball courts and sand volleyball courts at Weltner Park - not impressive.