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The Hoof-N-Hound

The Hoof-N-Hound is a walking program sponsored by the Independence Animal Shelter.  The Hoof-N-Hound is located at 874 Vista Drive in Independence MO. The trail for Hoof-N-Hound is 3/4 mile. The Hoof-N-Hound provides Independence residents with regular exercise to help get in shape and weight loss.

Gym membership can cost over $50 a month but this Hoof-N-Hound tail walk is free and furry. Why not consider providing yourself some daily exercise by walking or jogging with a shelter dog? You will obtain a membership card and a certificate after completing 10 miles of hoof-n-exercise.

All participants for Hoof-N-Hound programs must check in with their club membership photo I.D. prior to walking the Hoof-N-Hound trail. This is for the protection of the animals as well as yourself.

The hours for Hoof-N-Hound

Monday - Friday: 11:30-5:30

Saturday: Noon - 2pm.

Location of the Hoof-N-Hound trail

874 Vista Drive in Independence MO (map below)

Hoof and Hound