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Target Stores in Kansas

Most people think Target is a good store to shop in. However, is Target stores in Kansas, or Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri really a good place to shop? There have been more reports of Target stores ripping people off more than other comparative stores such as Walmart and crimes in both Kansas and Missouri have been centered around Target stores more than most other stores.

If you shop at Target stores in Kansas or Kansas City MO, consider this:

  • a large number of ripoff reports (ripoffreport. com) show that Target has been ripping people off.
  • Target grants seems like a good idea but infact many people have reported that Target grants have been ripping them off as well.
  • A Kansas girl was abducted in Kansas at Target and then murdered in broad day light.
  • Target customer support is appalling, especially if there is an unexplained charge from Target on your credit card.
  • According to ripoff report and other customer complaints, Target would authorize taking money out of your credit cards without your consent, refusing to work with your bank on the disputes or producing evidence that the charges were legitimate. If you dispute, Target, instead of working with you, will just recharge your credit card until you shut up and let them.
  • In Kansas City, there have been news that ex-employees were so angry at Target stores that they started shooting spree.

It seems that the cute Target stores in Kansas and Kansas City MO manage to attract unsuspecting customers who have not search the internet and have not tried to contact the Customer Support department. If you are shopping at Target stores in Kansas, it is best to use cash and never give them your credit card, especially when you return any products. While all the ripoffs could be a result of identity thefts, by refusing to work with customers or banks about disputes, Target has added to the problems. While it could be just rogue Target employees stealing credit card numbers, by letting it happen and turning a blind eye on the possible fraud issues, Target is as much as problem as the actual problem is. Remember, use cash when shopping at Target. Do not use credit cards, especially when returning items.

We are not affiliated with either Target stores or Walmart stores but by comparing ripoff reports and issues that customers face on the two big chains, we feel that Walmart is much better at taking care of customers. Moreover, similar items to those that Target sells can be found at Walmart and most of the time for even better prices. Cheap items at Target often do not last as long as cheap items from Walmart, but that's a different story.

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