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Shawnee Scarecrow Festival

Each year the city of Shawnee, Kansas, hosts the Halloween Scarecrow Festival at the Shawnee City Hall. The Shawnee Scarecrow Festival is sponsored by the Shawnee Downtown Partnership and the Kansas City Power & Light.

When is the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival?

The Shawnee Scarecrow Festival for Halloween is on the first Saturday of October. Call Shawnee City Hall for more information. In 2007 the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival for Halloween celebration takes place on Saturday October 6 from 9am to 12pm.

What's there at the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival?

The annual Halloween 's Shawnee Scarecrow Festival is a family event that celebrates the coming of Halloween. This is Shawnee 's popular Halloween event for kids.

What activities and contests are at the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival?


Among Children' s favorite activities at the Shawnee Scarecrow Festivals are:

  • free pumpkin painting for kids
  • pumpkin carving contest
  • pumpkin pie baking contest
  • pumpkin bread baking contest
  • fruit pie baking contest
  • scarecrow contest
  • World's Worst Jeans Contest
  • make your own scarecrow
  • scarecrow building lessons
Scarecrow festival

What are the prizes for contests at the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival?

The prizes are usually $50 cash.

How to enter Shawnee Scarecrow Festival contests?

To enter each of the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival contest, you have to fill out the contest entry form and hand into the Shawnee Festival officials at the Shawnee City Hall (11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203, Tel: 913-631-2500) no later than the Wednesday before the Shawnee Scarecrow Festival. Contests start at 9am and judging is usually at 11am. For some contests, the judging results could be revealed as late as the next day. Anyone can enter for free.