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Secret Santa in Kansas City Giving Cash

Every holiday season, there are people in the Kansas City area who need help. The concept of a secret Santa in Kansas giving cash away to help poor folk in financial needs is a popular one. Free cash is the best and Christmas is the time of giving. While kids ask for gift, toys and electronics, adults often prefer cash. So, where is the secret Santa in Kansas City who gives cash?

A secret Santa in Kansas City who gives cash

Secret Santa Kansas City Cash

If you are just looking for free cash from Santa, then you will be disappointed. However, we have something close to a secret Santa in Kansas City with cash. We are looking for people who can sell products for cash commission. That means, if you sell a product for retail price, our secret Santa will give you cash for that sale. Effectively, as people are shopping for Christmas gifts and presents, you can make some money off of the commission earned.

Nowadays, a secret Santa who gives out cash for nothing is rare, even at Christmas time. Therefore the next best thing is a way for anyone wanting some extra cash to make it easily. Since you are not starting your own business, you earn cash on what you sell. There is no upfront cost or inventory so anyone with no money can start selling and earn some cash fast. That way you are earning the cash you need, instead of waiting for a secret Santa to be charitable.

What if I cannot sell anything?

Selling goods is the easiest way to make money or cash fast because selling products is like a trade. You take the money and the customer gets the product, unlike services which customers feel that they can do themselves if needed. With a set price for a product, there is no debate of how much it costs or what the product is worth. The transactions are crystal clear.

Who can I sell to?

You can try to sell to whoever you know or do not know. If you work hard enough, there are people you can sell to. Of course, some people wouldn't want to buy but that is the nature of selling. Some buy and some don't. If you come across people who are not interested at all, just move on and try to sell to another person. If you always have something to sell, the chances are that you will sell something in the near future.