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SEO Consulting

Do you have a website that needs more traffic? Do you know how to get more people to visit your website? Have you tried various methods and they did not work?

Why SEO Consulting?

The purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting is to find out what is wrong with your current search engine optimization strategies through series of website analysis. Often, website owners hire SEO companies to 'optimize' their websites hoping that it would bring more visitors to their website and therefore more customers. However, many website owners face the following common problems:

  • the SEO companies charge way too much, sometimes on an ongoing basis
  • the results are slow to happen and the owners end up wasting money retaining the SEO services
  • the SEO companies promises things that the website owners did not really understand and were led to believe that they would improve their businesses
Promises that don't help

Many SEO companies will make promises such as your website will be listed on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others. However, do you know that being listed or found in search engine does not mean you will have more traffic to your website? After all, the majority of the new websites out there are found in Google within days of putting them out.

Some SEO companies will promise that you will be #1 on Google. Most people think that being #1 on Google means you will definitely get more business - wrong! There are many websites that rank #1 on major search engines and don't get any traffic at all! Why? The answer is keyword. If your website ranks #1 on the keyword term that no one searches for, then of course, it is easy to rank high because no other website owners want to compete for that keyword because it won't bring them any business as it won't bring you any business.

Search Engine Optimization tactics change often and you need to keep up with the current best strategies because people are always testing and doing studies on how to best do SEO.

About SEO Consulting

Each SEO Consulting session lasts about 1 hour and costs about $99 - $110. You are allowed to analyze one website. You will find out everything that you are doing to your websites in terms of promotion and SEO and how effective your current strategies are and why they are not working. Then you will learn about other SEO strategies that will help you and why. You will also learn about how to actually do the SEO yourself using the new tools given. All the steps given in the SEO consultation sessions will be ready to implement. You could be just $99 - $110 away from being able to do search engine optimization yourself without spending a fortune hiring someone else to do it for you using proven strategies. Most SEO strategies take a while to see results so you won't be wasting your money in the meantime. There may be additional analysis cost of website for the initial session because the SEO consultant will have to run your website through series of tests to see what's wrong with it and how to fix it, just like a doctor would run series of scans. Contact us if you are interested in SEO consulting.