Kansas City Area


Organic Farmers Markets

Below is a directory of local organic farmers markets in Kansas City.  Organic farmers markets are hard to find as most farmers markets will not restrict themselves only farmers who grow their produce using organic methods. However, in Kansas City, there are at least four farmers markets that only accept vegetable and fruit farmers who agree to using only organic methods to grow their produce.

What are organic methods that are allowed for organic farmers markets?

Organic growers avoid the use of conventional:

  • fertilizers,
  • insecticides,
  • herbicides  and
  • other biocides.

In addition, the farmers at the organic farmers markets who produce meat, eggs and dairy products agree to avoid the use of synthetic growth promotants such as:

  • hormones and
  • subtherapeutic antibiotics.
What is the purpose of using organic methods?

Organic methods aim to preserve the health or the living soil.

Below is a listing or directory of local organic farmers markets in Kansas City. Information below are not verified and certified although the owners of the local organic farmers markets vouch for the accuracy of the information. Source of the information about each organic farmers market are the representative of the market and the Food Circle, an all volunteer nonprofit organization promoting organic farming.