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Online Job in Kansas City

Are you looking for an online job in Kansas City or surrounding areas? If you need a job, are a stay at home mom or need some extra income, this online job in Kansas City may be the perfect solution for you. The online job below is easy to do and most people can do it in the comfort of their home. You need to have a computer to do online jobs. However, if you don't have a computer, you can easily go to a public library and use theirs.

What is this online job?

This online job is answering questions that you know the answer to. You might think this sounds strange and too good to be true. However, bear in mind that there are millions of people online everyday looking for answers and some of those answers you know. So, it is a matter of putting what you know online so that others can use the information to better their lives. You will get a sense of accomplishment knowing that your answers will help people and in the meantime get paid for it. Sound good?

This is how it really works.

We interview you to find out what you know. But, don't be scared. Most people know things that they did not even know that they knew. For example, do you know about your favorite soap opera? do you know how to change diaper? Do you know how to cook a nice meal? How about product review or your detergent? The possibilities are limitless and everyone knows something different. Once we have established the areas that you may be able to answer questions on, we will send you a long list of questions. The more questions you answer, the more you get paid.

How much do I get paid for this online job?

If your answer is long, you can be paid $1 per answer. Most people like to talk and if you think about how many questions you answer a day or how many explanations you give to other people (without getting paid) a day, answering 100 questions is not a big deal. And, if you answer 100 questions a day, you can earn up to $100 a day!

How to apply for this online job?

If you are interested in this online job, you can send your resume and cover letter to contact@kansascityarea.org. Once we have reviewed your resume and cover letter, we will get in touch with you for interviews.