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MonaVie Tasting Party

If you have heard of MonaVie juice and the health benefits of MonaVie and want to try some before you buy, then attending a MonaVie tasting party is a good idea to learn about MonaVie products and income opportunities.

What is a MonaVie tasting party?

A MonaVie tasting party is a get together of a group of people (can be a few people or a large number of people). There will be a presentation about what MonaVie is, what acai berry is, the health benefits of MonaVie juice as well as how much money you can make with MonaVie.

Once the presentation is over, you will have a chance to taste some chilled MonaVie juice. You can bring a guest and everyone can taste some MonaVie. Anyone who has never tasted MonaVie juice is encouraged to taste some.

The MonaVie tasting party is a great place to learn more about MonaVie and acai berry juice for everyone. There will be a lot of MonaVie literature and products on sale if you want to buy any. By buying these MonaVie products at a MonaVie tasting party, you won't have to pay shipping costs. Taxes are minimal and in most cases there will be not taxes charged either.

Where to find a MonaVie tasting party to go to in Kansas City?

If you live in the Kansas City area, in Kansas, or Missouri, there are MonaVie tasting parties every few months. To sign up for a MonaVie tasting party, contact us and express your interest and we will send you notification when there is a MonaVie tasting party in your area.

I am interested in hosting a MonaVie tasting party

If there is not a MonaVie tasting party soon, you can always host a MonaVie tasting party by inviting a few friends over. You can contact a MonaVie representative who will be more than happy to come to your party, give the MonaVie health benefits, acai berry, and MonaVie money making opportunities presentation as well as bring a MonaVie bottle for everyone at your party to try. This is no cost for the host. You may even earn free gifts from MonaVie. To host a MonaVie party, all you need to do is tell the MonaVie representative how many people will be at your party and sit back and relax and enjoy MonaVie tasting. You can find a MonaVie representative in the Kansas City area for your MonaVie party here.

How many people do I need to invite to have a MonaVie tasting party?

Most MonaVie tasting parties have a minimum attendance of 3 people. So, you can have a very small MonaVie tasting party and still taste some great MonaVie as well as receive great gifts from the MonaVie representative. Contact a MonaVie representative and tell him or her what you want to do and see if the MonaVie representative can make it happen.