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MonaVie in Missouri

MonaVie has not been in Missouri for long. However, with the recent media attention on MonaVie juice and the benefits of the Acai berry, more and more people in Missouri are paying attention to MonaVie.

Where can I buy MonaVie in Missouri?

To buy MonaVie in Missouri, you have to contact a MonaVie independent distributor. MonaVie Inc., the maker of MonaVie juice and gel packs, does not sell MonaVie directly to consumers. Only MonaVie distributors can buy MonaVie juice from MonaVie Inc. Consumers have to buy their supplies of MonaVie from MonaVie distributors. Visit this website to find a MonaVie distributor near you.

How much are MonaVie juice in Missouri?

Depending on where you live, the tax rates and shipping costs vary. However, on average, MonaVie juice retails for $45 a bottle. In most cases, you will also have to pay tax and shipping costs for Missouri. However, since MonaVie is still a new company in Missouri, there are many promotions going on. You can often find MonaVie juice for less than the stated retail price of $45. Depending on how much MonaVie (how many bottles) you buy, you can get your MonaVie as cheap as a little over $20 a bottle. But, you have to buy a large amount of MonaVie juice to get that low discount price.

Alternatively, you can sign up to become a MonaVie distributor which costs $39 one time fee and buy all your MonaVie juice at wholesale discount prices. There is no minimum order size you have to buy and there is no restrictions of what you have to buy to get the discounted wholesale pricing.

Can I buy MonaVie in retail stores in Missouri?

Mona Vie juice or gel packs are not sold in stores. If you ever see any MonaVie in any stores then that means someone of that store is a MonaVie distributor and has purchased MonaVie at discount wholesale price to sell at higher prices in their store. You can do that too. Why give someone else the money when you can sign up as a MonaVie distributor yourself and keep the difference in wholesale price and retail price. If you are taking MonaVie regularly or are buying more than a bottle or two, it will save you money in the long run to sign up as a MonaVie distributor and get all your MonaVie supplies at wholesale discount prices that are only available for distributors. You can become a Mona Vie distributor easily in Missouri. Visit <<SCRIPT_0000001425>> for your MonaVie needs.