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MonaVie (or Mona Vie) is a very healty juice of the acai berry and 18 other fruits scientifically chosen because of their health benefits. As a small business opportunity, MonaVie offers one of the most unique compensation plans in the industry. Most people start thier MonaVie career because they like drinking MonaVie and find that MonaVie greatly improves thier health. The acai berry which is MonaVie's primary ingredient is dubbed as the world's Superfood.

MonaVie 's acai has more than 10x the antioxidants of blueberries

MonaVie uses this process called 'freeze dry' to process the acai berry which contains off the chart antioxidants. However, most processes leave the acai berry with just the amount of antioxidants that blueberries and cranberries have. The state of the art Freeze Dry process makes all the difference and the ORAC chart which measures the antioxidant levels of a fruit confirms it.

MonaVie has many health benefits

With MonaVie business opportunities, health comes first. MonaVie distributors are MonaVie fanatics. They all drink more MonaVie religiously. They vow to never get off MonaVie. MonaVie has changed their lives so much that starting a MonaVie business is a natural course of action.

MonaVie in Kansas City

MonaVie has not exploded in the Kansas City area. Although there are many MonaVie distributors or representatives, the number of Mona Vie representatives in the Kansas City area pales in comparison to the number of consultants from network marketing companies such as Arbonne, Mary Kay, or Pampered Chef.

Who should start a MonaVie home based business?

If you are thinking of starting a MonaVie business as a home based business and you care about eating healthy and improving your health, MonaVie may be the right business opportunity for you. However, if you are looking for a network marketing company that you want to start off cheaply and don't want to even try the MonaVie products if you don't have to, then MonaVie may not be the right business opportunity for you in Kansas City even though it is a new market for MonaVie and has so much potential to grow and become very big. If you are interested in the MonaVie opportunity, contact us to find a MonaVie representative for more information about MonaVie and the business opportunity.