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Make Money with Apartment Referrals

If you live in the Kansas City area, you may be able to make some quick extra cash referring people to different apartments. Many apartment buildings in the Kansas City area have resident referral programs where if you refer someone to the apartment, you are entitled to some referral fee. The apartment referral fee can range from a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars and is often paid to the referrer when the referree moved in. Note that we are working to get deals from as many apartments as possible.

Why do we have the Make Money with Apartment Referrals section on our Kansas City Area website?
Most people want to make money the easy way. We have this Money with Apartment Referrals section on our Kansas City Area website to help:
  • renters save on some money when leasing an apartment
  • residents or referrers make some money

Unlike most referral programs, through the Kansas City Area website, the renter will get 50% of the referral fee from the referrer. That means, you move into your apartment with some cash in your pocket. And, as an existing resident at whatever apartment you choose to move in, you can refer others to the apartment and get the same referral fee.

How to make money with apartment referrals?

This is a quick and easy way to make money because you don't have to do anything extra. You just choose the apartment you want to move in, contact us about the referral program, and we give you the name of the person who you can say refers you to the apartment. Your referrer will also contact the apartment that you are interested in with your general information to verify the accuracy of the referral. When the referral fee is paid (usually when you move in), you will get your 50% of the referral fee as soon as the referrer gets his or her referral fee. Then you can enroll to receive referral fees through our website for your apartment building.

How much money will I make?

Different apartments have different referral fee policies. You can verify with the specific apartment how much the referral fee is.

I want to find someone to refer to my apartment

Any existing tenant of any apartment with a referral program can sign up with our list. To sign up for the referral program,  please contact us to let us know the details of your apartment.