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Liberty Tax Service coupon

Liberty Tax Service is a newer company than H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. However, there are many Liberty Tax Service offices in the Kansas City area and all of them offer $20 off tax preparation fee discount coupons. All Liberty Tax Service offices are independently owned and operated by franchisees.
Getting the Liberty Tax Service tax preparation coupons
Liberty Tax Service coupons are not printed online but you can walk into a Liberty Tax Service and ask for the discount coupon and most of the Liberty Tax Service offices will be more than happy to give you a few. You will also find plenty of their tax coupons in coffee shops and business buildings.

What are the different tax coupons I can get from Liberty Tax?
$20 off tax coupon
The $20 off tax coupon is the most common one. The $20 is deducted from your tax preparation fee and it is not restricted to new customers. If you want one of these $20 off tax prep fee coupons, contact us. Please specify the location of Liberty Tax Service office you plan to prepare your tax return at when contacting us. Although, most Liberty Tax Service offices honor any Liberty Tax coupons, it is handy to at least get the right state and area printed on the coupon.
$50 off tax preparation fee
If you bought a house in the tax year, then you can get $50 off if you make an appointment to prepare your tax return with a Liberty Tax professional. Liberty Tax Service promises to find every tax deductions, tax credits and tax exemptions possible or you have your money back guaranteed.
$20 referral fee
If you know people who want $20 off their tax preparation fee and will prepare their tax returns at Liberty Tax Service, you can refer them to Liberty Tax Service and get $20 cash referral fee. Your friend will get the $20 off his or her tax preparation fee while you get $20 cash into your pocket. If you prepared your tax return at Liberty Tax Service, they will print off some referral coupons for you.