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Kansas Secret Santa Giving Money out of Kindness

Secret Santa is a very popular guy at Christmas time in Kansas. Secret Santa giving money away out of kindness is even better. But, how many secret Santa giving money out of kindness are there in Kansas, Kansas City or Missouri? The answer is very few.

Sure, there are always people who have had hard times themselves and were helped by secret Santas and they are now paying back to the society by becoming secret Santas themselves. However, most people have their own families and loved ones to take care of at Christmas time to lend a hand to others.

The most common type of secret Santa is families who have surpluses of items that they want to donate or give away to other families. Some of the items are used, but most are still in good condition. However, families that need help cannot choose what to receive. They can ask for what they need but the chances of them getting exactly that is low. These secret Santas also almost always never give money out, only used items or new items that they already have. Most secret Santas in Kansas or Missouri would not fish out cash to give away at Christmas time even if they are full of kindness in their heart. Most people prefer to buy presents for the people they intend them for. Giving money is pretty much out of the question.

Where to find Kansas' secret Santa giving money out of kindness?


Although Kansas' secret Santa giving money out of kindness is rare, they are not impossible to find. Every year, there are kind people who would rather give cash to families in need because first of all they don't have time to buy presents but would like to help out people in need. Secondly, some people do feel like if they give cash or money then the receiving families will do what is best with the money and don't have to mess with exchanging gifts. A secret Santa such as this one is good news for those families who need money to pay for gas bills or electricity or rent to keep them warm for Christmas and out of foreclosure for the time being.

Kansas Secret Santa Giving Money out of Kindness

However, most secret Santas giving money out of kindness don't give too much money so don't expect to receive hundreds of dollars or thousands enough to pay rent or all your bills. Most secret Santas give less than a hundred dollars. Some gives $10, others give $20 or more. When you are looking for a secret Santa in Kansas to give you money out of kindness, don't expect too much. After all everything is charity and the secret Santas get nothing in return.

How to qualify for free money from Secret Santa?

To qualify for free money from secret Santa, you need to fill out an application form and show that you are a needy family and cannot afford Christmas on your own. Sob stories are ok as long as they are supported by real evidence which you will be asked to provide. Sometimes all this paperwork is not worth the $10 or $20 (or whatever amount) you will get. If you don't think it is worth your time, don't waste theirs either.