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Kansas Divorce Law for Serving Respondent

Once you have filed the divorce petition and all paperwork for your divorce filing is in order, your next step is to serve the Respondent.

How to serve my spouse for divorce in Kansas?

You may:

  • hire a private process server who is authorized by the Court to serve the Respondent on your behalf
  • serve the Respondent yourself
  • pay the court Clerk $5 to have the Sheriff serve your spouse

After serving your spouse, the Respondent, is completed, you must notify the Court by either:

  1. have the Respondent complete the Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service form and signs it in front of a Notary Public. Some people have the Respondent sign this before the divorce Petition is filed and file this with the divorce Petition to save time, or
  2. you, the Petitioner can complete a Request and Service Instruction Form. File this form with the Clerk of the District Court. The fee is $5, check payable to (name of county) Sheriff's office. The Clerk will notify the Sheriff, who will deliver the divorce papers to the Respondent.
    • NOTE: Different laws apply if the Respondent is being served outside the state of Kansas.
  3. The Petitioner sends the divorce papers to the Respondent by certified mail, return receipt requested. When the green card is returned to the Petitioner, it must be attached to the Return of Service for Certified Mail form and filed with the Clerk of the Court.
Filing for divorce when no children are involved and no support is requested
  • the Respondent must be served with the Petition and a proposed Divorce Decree.
Filing for divorce when children are involved, the women is pregnant, or support is requested
  • the Respondent must also be served with file-stamped copies of:
    • a proposed Parenting Plan,
    • a Domestic Relations Affidavit, and
    • a Child Support Worksheet