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Kansas Divorce Law

Below is the Kansas divorce law and guidelines for filing for divorce in Kansas. While you can find cheap attorneys for divorce in Kansas, you can also go the do it yourself divorce in Kansas route. Many people getting divorce in Kansas do it themselves. The county that you are in should have plenty of information of how to file a divorce in Kansas yourself without the help of divorce a divorce lawyer.

How long do I have to wait to file for a divorce in Kansas?

Different states have different laws for divorce. In Kansas, to file a divorce petition for divorce, the Kansas divorce law states that you (the person filing for the divorce known as the petitioner) must have lived in Kansas for at least 60 days.

How to file for divorce in Kansas?
Kansas Divorce Law

The process for filing for a divorce in Kansas is as follows:

  1. file a divorce petition
  2. serve respondent
  3. schedule hearing
  4. notify respondent
  5. attend hearing
  6. file documents
  7. send copies to respondent

In a divorce filing in Kansas, there are two parties: the petitioner (the person filing for the divorce) and the respondent (the spouse of the person filing for the divorce)

When filing for a divorce in Kansas, you can either get a divorce lawyer to file for you or file it yourself. If you file for a divorce for yourself, then you are filing pro se (means without the help of a lawyer).

How much does it cost to file for a divorce in Kansas?

With the Kansas divorce law, it costs $147 to file the petition for a divorce in Kansas. There is no surcharge. The petition for divorce filing fee may be paid by money order, cashier's check, or cash. There is no hidden fee but is you want the Sheriff to serve the Respondent instead of your serving or hiring someone else to serve, the fee is only $5.