Kansas City Area


Kansas City Area Newspapers

The main Kansas City area newspapers is the Kansas City Star. The Kansas City Star is by far the biggest and best newspapers in the Kansas City area. Other newspapers are much smaller, mostly not a daily newspaper. You can subscribe to the Kansas City Star Newspapers online for e- digital papers or you can have the newspapers physically delivered to your door daily.

Kansas City Area Newspapers

If you are already reading USA Today or the Wall Street Journal, you may be able to get away with not reading the Kansas City Star newspapers. Each big area, such as the Johnson County, Olathe, Lee's Summit or other areas usually have their own little newspapers for the area. Some of them are only a few pages long and come out weekly or even monthly. They are much cheaper than the Kansas City Star and only has news for that area, instead of for the whole Kansas City area.

The Johnson County Gazette, for example, is a little newspaper for the Johnson County focusing more on Olathe than Overland Park or other areas. This newspaper is free and you can pick it up at local libraries in the Johnson County area, at Hy-Vee local grocery stores or at local Walmart.

If you are curious what Kansas City Area Newspapers there are you can visit local libraries in the area and see many different newspapers. There are also specialized and local newspapers such as the Pitch, the Voice, the Sun and others.