Kansas City Area


IRS Super Saturday

When is the IRS Super Saturday in Kansas City area?

In this hard economic time, the IRS is doing everything it can to help taxpayers. For people with low income of $42,000 or less in 2008, the IRS offers free tax preparation services on the IRS Super Saturday. For the tax year 2008, the IRS Super Saturday is March 21, 2009. Not only you can to go to your local IRS' Taxpayer Assistance Offices, but there are many other IRS' partners offices that you can get the same free tax filing help service. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting:

  • the IRS to help them prepare their tax returns,
  • to ask the IRS any tax questions or
  • to schedule tax payments and discuss payment options.

Usually you can already go to the IRS Taxpayer Assistance offices but these offices are usually closed on Saturday except this Super Saturday. While there is an income restriction for tax return preparation assistance, there is no income limitation for people needing IRS assistance for other services at Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

Who will prepare my tax return on the IRS Super Saturday in the Kansas City area?

Your tax returns will be prepared by the IRS or community volunteers. Bear in mind that you can already get free tax help at your local libraries in both Kansas and Missouri. Tax return preparation help has been on since the middle of February and will continue up to April 15th or just a few days before.

Where is the IRS Super Saturday?

There are many offices near you that participate in the IRS Super Saturday program. The IRS will open more than 250 local offices from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Community partners will open approximately 1,000 sites on March 21.