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How to Earn Extra Cash?

Below is a way you can earn extra cash. A lot of people want to know how to earn extra cash the easy way - without having to do any work. If that is you, then this is not a way for you to earn extra cash. The method of how to earn extra cash fast below is for people who know how to read books, research, and type answers on the computer.

How to earn extra cash in Kansas, Kansas City or Missouri?
How to Earn Extra Cash

Below is a way to earn extra cash doing research in your local library. You can do it any time you are free. You can even borrow books home and do your research at home. This is a very flexible way to earn extra cash. Plus, you can get paid on the day you finish the job!

Unlike most jobs and gigs, you will be paid on the day you finish the job and not have to wait weeks before you see your first paycheck.

If cash is a concern, you can even get paid in cash if it is under a certain amount of money a day. For example, if you want to make $40 one day, you can make that in cash and don't even have to wait to take a check to the bank to clear.


To earn extra cash in Kansas, contact us expressing your interest to start earning extra cash fast as well as how much you would like to earn that day. We will then put you in touch with a local company that needs someone to do some research on a particular topic that day. Below is the process of how you can earn extra cash today in Kansas.

  1. Contact us specifying how much you want to make today.
  2. A local company that needs someone to do research for them today will either call you or email you.
  3. The local company will give you a short interview.
  4. The local company will send you a list of questions. The number of questions depends on how much money you need to make that day.
  5. You will take the questions and go to your local library to research the answers to them.
  6. Type the answers in a word document or notepad electronically
  7. When you are done (whether you have answered all the questions or not) sent the answers to the company.
  8. The company acknowledges receiving your answers (if you don't get an acknowledgement, do not just wait. Sometimes, the email may not have gone through so you will have to call them)
  9. The company checks your answers.
  10. The company contact you with payment.