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How to Buy MonaVie?

With the recent media attention on MonaVie, many people are now wanting to try some of these amazing MonaVie juice. Since MonaVie is usually not sold in retail store, where and how to buy MonaVie juice? If you live in the Kansas City area, in Kansas or Missouri, you can use the <<SCRIPT_0000001436>> to find a local MonaVie distributor near you to buy some MonaVie from. If you are not a MonaVie distributor, you cannot buy MonaVie juice directly from MonaVie Inc. Only independent MonaVie distributors can buy the fresh MonaVie juice from MonaVie Inc. The rest of us, customers, have to buy MonaVie from independent MonaVie reps.

First of all there are two types of MonaVie products that come in juice form and gel pack form. The first type of product and the most popular is the MonaVie Active which has the added plant derived glucosamine to help your joints. The other is the MonaVie Original which is intended for pregnant women and young children ages 10 or below. Most people prefer drinking MonaVie Active.

How to buy MonaVie?
  1. Go to <<SCRIPT_0000001434>> and fill out a form to find a local MonaVie distributor near you. Ask any questions on the form that you need to know about MonaVie.
  2. Decide:
    • How many bottles of MonaVie you want to order.

    Bear in mind that if you order a case or more of MonaVie juice, you will get discounts and will be able to take advantage of other promotional deals that MonaVie distributors are running. If you want to buy MonaVie regularly, you may be able to enroll as a preferred customer and receive 10-15% discount on your regular MonaVie shipment. You can set this up online. Ask your MonaVie distributor. However, the preferred customer discount is still not as much as the discount a MonaVie distributor gets. So, if you want to take advantage of the most discount MonaVie Inc. has to offer, you need to enroll as a MonaVie distributor yourself. There is no rules and restrictions set as to what you have to do as a MonaVie distributor. The cost of becoming a MonaVie distributor is $39 and once you pay that amount, you are entitled to the wholesale pricing of all MonaVie products. Some people are afraid that they would have to actually distributor MonaVie or sell some MonaVie. This is not the case. Many people enroll as MonaVie distributor just to be able to buy MonaVie at discount wholesale prices.

    • Whether to order MonaVie Active or MonaVie Original (for pregnant women and children)
    • Whether to order MonaVie juice or MonaVie gel packs (for on the go)
  3. Wait for a MonaVie distributor to contact you.
  4. Place an order with the MonaVie distributor either online, on the phone, or in person depending on where you live and where the MonaVie distributor lives. MonaVie is still a young company so there might not be a MonaVie distributor living near you.