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Girl Abducted in Kansas at Target

Not long ago, the story of a girl abducted in Kansas at Target store located in Overland Park was everywhere in the news and even on the front page of CNN. The kidnapped teen in Kansas at Target was Kelsey Smith, an 18 year old girl from Overland Park, Kansas. The Overland Park Kansas kidnapping at Target store grabbed the attention of a large number of residents in the Overland Park area as well as nearby area including Kansas City. Crimes don't usually happen in Overland Park so when one as big as a girl being abducted and murdered occurred, it was field work day for the Overland Park police.

Who was the girl abducted in Kansas at Target store?

On June 2, 2007, Kelsey Smith was just stopping by at her local Target store in Overland Park, Kansas at about 7pm. It was not even dark yet since it was the summer time and it wouldn't get dark until after 9pm. Kelsey was on the phone to her family telling them that she would stop by Target to get something for her boyfriend and be right home. Kelsey Smith was an energetic, young girl who did not waste any time. The video of this young teen kidnapped in Kansas at Target showed that she went in and not long after that came out and quickly walked to her car which was parked almost right infront of the Target store.

Kelsey Smith couldn't wait to get home since she was meeting her boyfriend to go to a party that evening. However, a young man rushed up behind Kelsey Smith, pushed her into her car and drove her car with her in it off. The video of the abducted Kansas teen at Target showed Kelsey Struggling to get away from the man but did not succeed.

Since Kelsey Smith was the daughter of a policeman, her father always stressed the importance of communicating and since Kelsey did not call after she stopped by at Target, the family tried to call her cell phone but no answer. She was reported missing immediately. The search for the missing teen of Overland Park Kansas began.

On June 6, 2007, the Overland Park police found the body of this kidnapped teen near a lake in Missouri.

Where was the Target Store where the Kansas teen was kidnapped, abducted and murdered?

The Target store where the young Kansas girl was abducted was behind Overland Park' s premier mall, Oak Park Mall at 97th and Quivira. Oak Park Mall where the girl was abducted was a popular place for young people to hang out. It is not a shady place or a place with dark corners. The crime happened in broad daylight where there should be tons of people around.

Who kidnapped the Kansas teen from Target parking lot?

The man the police arrested for aggravated kidnapping, first degree murder and rape of young Kelsey Smith was the 26 year old Olathe, Kansas, man Edwin Hall, also called Jack Hall or Edwin Roy Hall. The state of Kansas is pressing charges heavily against Edwin Hall with a list of hundreds of witnesses that Hall indeed committed the crime against the state in his killing of the young teenage girl from Kansas.