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Free Sample for Avon

If you are interested in trying out Avon but are not sure if the Avon products are right for you, you can try some of the free Avon samples then decide if you like Avon products. Not every Avon product has free sample so you will need to fill out the Free Sample Request form to see if the product you are interested in comes in free sample sizes.

How large are Avon free samples?

Unlike most other companies, Avon free samples come in very small, one time use, sizes. You can get a free sample for any Avon products that are available from an Avon representative. If the Avon representatives do not have the free samples on hand, they may be able to order some for you. Please ask individual Avon representatives for the free samples they have available.

How to get a free sample for Avon product?

If you are interested in Avon product, fill out this free sample request form to see if there is a free sample for the Avon product you are interested in. If there is, then an Avon representative will contact you with the fee Avon sample. All free samples are completely free and there is no hidden charge or pressure to buy any Avon products.

Free Sample for Avon

What if the free sample of the Avon product I want is not available?

If Avon does not make the free sample size of the Avon product you want, an Avon representative may be able to let you see and even try the real Avon product if they have one available. However, that product may need to be ordered and may take some time. To find an Avon representative in the Kansas City area, use the Find a Representative form.

If you are an Avon representative and would like to offer free sample of Avon products, please fill out this form and tell us about the Avon product samples you are offering.