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Free Avon Shipping

If you want to buy directly from Avon Company instead of buying your Avon products from Avon representatives and wait for them to be delivered, you can get free Avon shipping when purchasing online. The link below has a free Avon shipping coupon code which will allow you to receive free shipping from Avon. Don't forget to enter the free shipping coupon code at check out.

How to get free Avon shipping?

Whenever Avon has free shipping promotion, you can always use the free Avon shipping code, however, there may be a minimum dollar amount you have to spend to get the Avon free shipping.

Do Avon representatives get free Avon shipping?

Avon representatives can order Avon products without paying shipping costs every two weeks. As long as the Avon representative submit the Avon order in on time for a regular Avon shipment to their home, he or she will not pay any shipping fees. Avon regular shipment is every two weeks and usually arrives on Tuesday after the cut off date every other Friday.

If an Avon representative places an Avon order after the deadline of every campaign (2 week period), then the Avon representative will pay shipping cost and late order fee. So, if you are not ordering your Avon products in advance, you are likely to have to pay shipping costs or your Avon product price will reflect the price of the shipping cost and the late fee. If that is the case, you are better off using the free Avon shipping coupon code above to get your shipping cost waived by Avon.

Avon free shipping

free avon shipping