Kansas City Area


Foreclosures in Kansas

In 2006, there were more than 1.2 million foreclosures in the US. There were 4,119 foreclosures in Kansas and there were an astounding 17,699 foreclosures in Missouri. The record number of foreclosures in Kansas in 2006 was an increase of 116% from the previous foreclosures numbers in Kansas. In Missouri, the number of foreclosures were only up 53% from the previous year. Nationwide, the number of foreclosures in Kansas put the state at number 31 in terms of high foreclosures rate and Missouri at number 20.

Overall, the number of foreclosures in Kansas, Missouri and the rest of the United States were up 42% from foreclosures in 2005. Statistics show that one in every 92 US households is in foreclosure.

Below is the foreclosures data for Kansas and Missouri as reported by RealtyTrac, a leading online marketplace for foreclosure homes.

Foreclosures in Kansas


State name
Foreclosure rate rank 31
Quarter 1 Foreclosures 600
Quarter 2 Foreclosures 1,220
Quarter 3 Foreclosures 1,113
Quarter 4 Foreclosures 1,186
Total 2006 Foreclosures in Kansas 4,119
% Household 0.4
1 for every # Household in foreclosure 274
Year on year change 116%

Foreclosures in Missouri


State name
Foreclosure rate rank 20
Quarter 1 Foreclosures 5,014
Quarter 2 Foreclosures 3,372
Quarter 3 Foreclosures 4,029
Quarter 4 Foreclosures 5,284
Total 2006 Foreclosures in Missouri 17,699
% Household 0.7
1 for every # Household in foreclosure 138
Year on year change 53%