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Filing for Divorce in Kansas

Below are the laws and guidelines for filing for a divorce in Kansas. Before filing for a divorce in Kansas, you should try to work things out with your spouse. If divorce is the only option, you need to work out if a divorce lawyer will be involved or you are filing for a divorce yourself. If children are involved or you are pregnant or if you are requesting support of some sort, then you need to work it out with your spouse how everything is going to work out before you file for a divorce. Be prepared that you will be filing a lot of paperwork when filing for a divorce in Kansas or any other states.

How to file for a divorce in Kansas?

Below is the process for filing for a divorce in the state of Kansas.

Filing divorce petition

First fill out the divorce forms which you can obtain for free from the courthouse law library. See the Petition for divorce in Kansas section.

Serving Respondent

If the Respondent has no problem with the divorce and arrangements, you can get him or her to sign Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service form and file with your Petition. Otherwise, you have to serve him or her the divorce papers. Read the Kansas divorce law for serving Respondent.

Scheduling divorce hearing

Once you have filed all the necessary divorce papers with confirmation that the Respondent has been served, you can contact the Administrative Assistant for the court (division) to which your divorce filing case has been assigned and ask to schedule a divorce hearing at least 60 days after the divorce Petition was filed.

Notifying the Respondent

If the  Respondent has not signed an Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service form, prepare a Notice of Hearing. Send the Notice to the Respondent by certified mail, return receipt requested. When the green card is returned, attach it to the Return of Service form and file the form with the Clerk of the Court.

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