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Earn Cash Today

Do you need to earn cash today? The problem with getting a job is that you won't get paid today. Whatever you do to make some money, it is likely that you won't get paid today, unless it is a cash job. Below is a way to earn extra cash today.

How much do you want to earn in cash today?

Let's say if you work for close to a minimum wage job, you will earn $7 an hour. If you work from 9am to about 3pm, you will have earned money for 6 hours, assuming you don't take lunch break. That's 6 hours at $7. So, you would have made $42 that day working from 9am to 3pm solidly.

How to make $40 + in cash today?

You can earn cash today equivalent to one day's work as in the example above. For our illustration, let's assume that you want to make $40. You can make more or less depending on how much work you want to do that day. To earn cash today using the method below, you must be able to type (on the computer), read and write.

Company that pays cash today

This is how you can earn cash today. First you contact us expressing that you want to earn cash today and how much you need to earn today. Then we will put you in touch with a local company that will pay you cash today.

The company that will pay you will contact you with a topic and a list of questions on that topic that they want you to research. The number of topics depends on how much you want to make that day. For example, if you want to make $40 that day, they may give you a topic on 'car repair' and then 40 questions to answer. You will be giving instructions of how long your answers need to be. You are basically researching answers for them.

Then you will take the list of questions to the library and research the answers to those questions. After you have answered all the questions, you will give the company the answers, they will check the answers to make sure that they are legitimate and make sense and pay you on the same day in cash. By researching answers for them, you will earn cash on the same day. Answers need to be types as they don't accept handwritten answers. At your local library, you should be able to do the research and also type up your answers for them. They also don't accept answers that are direct copies of passages from books or online.