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Divorce Petition Kansas

When filing for a divorce in Kansas, the first thing you need to file is a divorce petition in Kansas. You may file the divorce petition yourself or obtain the help of a divorce lawyer to help you file your divorce petition.

Divorce Petition Kansas

Where must I file the divorce petition in Kansas?

To file a divorce petition in Kansas, it is Kansas divorce law that you must have lived in Kansas for at least 60 days. If you have then you may file your divorce petition in

  1. the district court of the district where either the petitioner of the divorce or the  Respondent lives or
  2. the district court of the district where the Respondent may be served.
Where do I get the forms for the divorce petition to file for a divorce in Kansas?

On the first floor of the courthouse, there should be a Law library with forms that you can use to file your divorce petition. The Tenth Judicial District Court of Kansas, Johnson County, is located in the courthouse at 100 N. Kansas Avenue, Olathe, Kansas. The divorce petition forms include the Civil Information Sheet which you must include when filing a petition for divorce. The Civil Information Sheet deals with out of state support orders. If:

  • children are involved, or
  • you are pregnant, or
  • you are requesting support from your spouse

you must also file:

  • a proposed Parenting Plan,
  • a Domestic Relations Affidavit, and
  • a Child Support Worksheet
How do I file for a divorce petition in Kansas?
  • First get the divorce forms for Kansas at a courthouse' s Law library.
  • complete the divorce petition form (including all of the above if applicable) and sign it in front of a Notary Public.
  • take the completed and signed original divorce Petition to the Clerk of the District Court as well as at least two copies.
  • pay the divorce filing fee of $147.
  • the courthouse Clerk will stamp the original Petition and the copies with the case number and court (division) number.
  • keep one copy for yourself and use the second file stamped copy to serve the Respondent (your spouse)