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Christmas Help in Kansas City MO

Every year, parents need Christmas help in Kansas City MO more than other areas in Kansas or Missouri. Many parents who need Christmas help in Kansas City MO are down on their luck with unexpected bills beyond their control. Some parents have medical bills, some had deaths in the family, some went through a divorce, a job loss, unexpected pregnancy as well as other reasons that could potentially bring anyone's financial situation downhill.

Where to get Christmas help in Kansas City MO?

The first place to go for Christmas help in Kansas City MO is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has a great Christmas help programs for kids and parents. You have to apply early to get any Christmas help because there are many families that need Christmas help. By the end of October, it is usually too late to apply for Christmas help in Kansas City Missouri.

If you are too late to get into the Christmas assistance program at the Salvation Army, you can try local churches and nonprofit organizations. There are often nonprofit organizations doing various fund raising events to provide Christmas help for needy families in Kansas City, Kansas and MO.

Last Minute holiday shopping

If you wait until the middle of December to take serious action to get Christmas help in Kansas City MO, it is often too late. However, some years, there are last minute holiday shopping events hosted by nonprofit organizations or governmental agencies to help parents give their children some form of Christmas.


In 2007, for example, the Johnson County Human Services & Aging is sponsoring a last minute holiday shopping event called 'Last-Minute Holiday Shop from 10am - noon and 1pm to 4pm on Thursday December 20 and Friday December 21 at the North Central Multi Service Center, 12425 W. 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa.  There are gifts for children from newborn to children age 16. You don't have to make an appointment - just bring a list of your children's ages and genders to receive gifts.

Christmas Help in Kansas City MO

The other side of Christmas help in Kansas City MO

There are always people in KS and MO who need help around Christmas time, so there are always needs for generous donors to donate toys and gifts for Christmas. Gifts don't have to be new but should be in relatively good condition because you don't want children to wake up on Christmas morning and open presents that are already falling apart.