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Chinatown in Kansas City

Every big city usually has a Chinatown. So, where is Chinatown in Kansas City? Although, you can find Chinese supermarkets and other Asian supermarkets dotted all over the Kansas City area, the Kansas City Chinatown is at the City Market. If you are expecting a big Chinatown like you would see in Los Angeles, New York, Boston or Seattle, you will be disappointed. The Chinatown in Kansas City only has a few (although large) stores but these stores exist totally for the Asian (prominently Chinese and Vietnamese) population in the Kansas City area. Little Saigon is located at the same location as the Chinatown in Kansas City MO.

Chinatown in Kansas City

Picture of the Chinatown Food Market in Kansas City MO.

The Chinatown Market and the Chinatown Food Market is located at the River Market. This area is busy, congested with too many cars and is not clean. Parking is very difficult on the days of the market.

Chinatown Food Market
202 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 472-6363

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