Kansas City Area


Cheap Ink Cartridge

Printers are coming down in prices but a cheap ink cartridge is still hard to find. Usually if you mail order an ink cartridge, you are likely to get a cheaper ink cartridge than if you go to your local Office Depot or a computer store. There are also toner cartridge recycling stores that would sell you used, refilled, cheap ink cartridges at discount prices. However, some people have had bad experience with them and prefer to buy new but cheap ink cartridges. So, if you live in the Kansas City area, where can you find a cheap ink cartridge but good and won't destroy your printer? Bear in mind that most of the time popular printer cartridges, especially cheap ones, are out of stock even at Office Depot or OfficeMax so if you don't want to waste a trip, call in advance and even reserve them if you want to be certain.

Where to find cheap ink cartridge in Kansas City?

Let's compare all the computer stores nearby that sell printer toner cartridges. Let's also pick an ink cartridge to compare them by. For our comparison, let's consider the Brother TN 350 which is a very popular ink cartridge that is not too expensive. There are also generic brands such as the Office Depot brand that can do the same job as the Brother TN 350 can. So, when you are shopping for a cheap ink cartridge, ask about generic brands or store brands that may work on your printer. Micro Center does not carry this printer ink cartridge. And don't forget to add taxes on all your local in-store purchases. The tax rate for office supplies in KS is 7.65%.

Cheap Ink cartridge

Brother Model TN-350 Black Toner Cartridge, our example

Circuit City

$41.99 (not available in stores, delivery only)

Standard delivery (shipping) is free for all order over $24 but it takes between 5-15 business days. Otherwise, you will have to pay for shipping. Most people don't want to wait that long for a cheap printer ink cartridge.


Sam's Club (BEST!!)

$48.88 (online only, shipped within 1-2 business days, shipping charge is about $4.63 and you cannot pick up in store. Tax in KS is about $4.03)


CostCo Wholesale Warehouse

$49.19 (if not instore then will be shipped, arriving in 2-3 business days.)


Comp USA

$52.99 delivery only. Not available in stores. Shipping is only free if spend over $150.

Office Depot

$62.99 each or Buy 3+ @ $61.09 / each. There is an Office Depot Brother TN 350 brand that costs about $54.


$62.99 each. There is an OfficeMax Brand Brother TN-350 Black Toner Cartridge, Remanufactured that costs $58.99.


Best Buy $65.99 - THE MOST EXPENSIVE!!!