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Avon Hydrofirming Sample

Below is an offer of a sample of Avon Hydrofirming Lift Day Cream SPF 15. The Avon Hydrofirming Lift Day Cream is a product of Avon Solutions. The Avon Hydrofirming Day cream comes in sample sizes for customers to try it out before buying the actual Avon Hydrofirming Day cream. If you are interested in trying out the Avon hydrofirming day dream sample, please fill out the Free Samples form here.

avon hydrofirming day cream

The real Avon Hydrofirming Day Cream

Avon Hydrofirming Sample

Avon Hydrofirming day cream sample

How to use the Avon Hydrofirming day cream sample?

To use the Avon hydrofirming day cream sample, apply to face and throat after cleansing using upward and outward strokes. Apply the Avon hydrofirming Life day cream with SPF 15 before sun exposure. Children under 6 months of age should consult a doctor before using this Avon hydrofirming day cream.